Sunday, December 4, 2016


Throughout this collection are tales honed with a psychological edge and sprinkled with a dash of dark humor, while other stories cross over into the realms of tragedy, coming of age, and the paranormal. 

Diseased - When Carter Lynch, a resident of a mental institution, has a nervous breakdown over the death of his beloved ducks, the head nurse steps in and reveals to him that everything is not as it seems, but to Carter everything is exactly as it seems. (Psychological Drama)

Ripple in the Moonlight – Three young men are heading to the lake for a fun-filled night of camping and fishing. When poor decisions are made and the envelope is pushed, their outdoor experience takes a dark turn, and life as they know it will never be the same. (Contemporary Realism/Drama)

Under the Willow Tree - A ridiculing wife causes her husband to find tranquility in his beloved willow tree, only for him to discover that he and the tree have more in common than he ever realized. (Contemporary Realism)

The Old Writer and the Hungry Squirrels - Ian McAllister is an old writer who has lost his creative drive and wants desperately to regain his prolific status among the world's best-selling authors. When his muse returns and presents him the ability to write for an exchange of his soul, a resurrected career looks hopeful for the aging scribe. However, his newly found inspiration has a grim effect on him and the rest of the world. (Psychological Drama)

Our Time Together - This heartfelt, coming of age tale involves a young boy, his zany father, and their unforgettable hunting adventure together. Many years later their hunt turns into a blessed memory for the once young and spirited lad, who now awaits in anguish alongside his father's deathbed. (Coming of age/Wilderness Fiction)

The Good Neighbor - A brittle and downtrodden man who cannot get ahead in life contemplates a neighborhood massacre. (Contemporary Realism/Dark Humor) 

Kate's Funeral - Kate Longley is an intelligent, self-assured young woman who finds herself in the middle of her own funeral service. Instead of questioning her death, she is more concerned with why her boyfriend has yet to come and bid her a final farewell. Kate also discovers that in death, much like in life, there is a lot to learn and big decisions to make. With time running out, she hopes the choices that she makes turn out to be the right ones. (Paranormal)

Fading Jump Shot – A college bound athlete turns to a drug-fueled life that leads him down a dark path of self-destruction and life-changing consequences. (Contemporary Drama)

Best for the Family – Racing across country to see her ailing father, Rachel Sterling has deep regrets. She had always been daddy's little girl and now is afraid of not being able to say goodbye. When a stranger she meets reveals a dark story from her past, one that tells of deceit, humiliation, and the lost innocence of a little girl, Rachel sees her situation with her father in a different light. (Contemporary Realism/Drama) 

Secret Lovers - In this spicy tale, a lonely, unloved wife seeks her desires elsewhere.